So, you’re health conscious and that’s great! But how does your Melbourne Cleaning Company adjust to it? Modern cleaning techniques have incorporated a diverse selection of wonderful cleaning options, which includes organic products. But do they do the job as well as the harsher chemicals? From our experience, yes, however it does take more time.

Organic products rely on longer soak times to allow the natural enzymes to do their job. Where a harsh soap scum remover needs 5 minutes to activate, an organic cleaning product needs 25-30 minutes, but you can get the same results. The good news is though; a good cleaner will skilfully disperse their time into a strategic layout. Meaning no need to pay for extra cleaning time for an organic service! What’s the bad news? Organic cleaning products do cost more to use, especially in cities like Melbourne.


So, how do you get the most out of your organic cleaning service in Melbourne? INA Cleaning Melbourne gives our clients the flexibility to shop for their own supplies, we bring the machinery and cloths, you just leave your desired cleaning products for us to use. This means that you do initially pay approximately $30.00 to get you started with everything that you need, however, you will not be paying the extra charge per cleaning service, saving you money in the long run. Another thing to remember is, each cleaner determines independently what they consider to be “eco-friendly cleaning products” or “organic cleaning products”, if you’re leaving us your own supplies, you control what we use and how you’d like us to use it. This cleaning method is very effective for both client and cleaning company.

A final thing to remember is, yes, organic cleaning products are awesome, but they cannot guarantee a perfect result. Sometimes if there are really harsh stains and mould, it may need a few attempts with organic products, whereas a harsh cleaning chemical only needs a single cleaning attempt in most cases. Organic cleaning products are a perfect maintenance product, but if you’re looking for a quick fix, it may be in your best interest to go with a normal grade of cleaning chemical products.

All cleaning companies in Melbourne should offer you an eco-friendly cleaning option, but not all cleaning companies in Melbourne offer an organic clean. At INA Cleaning Melbourne, we think it’s of absolute importance to offer an organic cleaning service to our clients, even if you wish to use it once in a while. In today’s day and age, allergies and intolerances are rising at frightening levels, so why shouldn’t your Melbourne Cleaning Company adjust to the modern times?